Jennifer Markey
"Gillian Welch, Buck Owens, and Loretta Lynn walk into a bar.  It's no joke; it's a glimpse into the world of Jennifer Markey's songs.
They're tales of cheating, whiskey, and strong women, all sung in a powerful, plaintive voice, and her lyrics are like staring into an old tin-type photograph.  Steel guitar, drums, and upright bass swirl in the background like dust devils and drive like a train, all coming from that ancient jukebox there in the corner.
Jennifer Markey, old school country crooner-and rebel."
-Molly Maher, musician

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Jennifer and Billy Bragg, Parkway Theater, Minneapolis, September 2008

Jennifer Markey grew up on Broadway musicals and The Carpenters, the daughter of musical parents.  She got her first guitar, a hand-me-down from a fellow church-goer's attic, at the age of thirteen, when she promptly acquired a few chords in order to learn Beatles songs.  Finding it too difficult and having better things to do with her time, as many teenagers do, she put it away until the age of thirty-one, when a bitter divorce and the desire to have more in life than Sunday football and the daily toils of a preschool classroom drove her to learn songs by Patsy Cline and Hank Williams.  She quickly made a splash in the Minneapolis country music scene, singing with local honky-tonk heroes Trailer Trash and Sherwin Linton.  Guitar god Dan Gaarder opened Jennifer's mind to songwriting and, before she knew it, she had also become a prolific songwriter, penning titles about Old Crow whiskey and jumping trains to escape abusive parents. 

A highlight of Jennifer's career was the night, during the Republican National Convention in 2008, when she shared the stage with local singer, songwriter and friend Eliza Blue, Minneapolis writer and songwriter Jim Walsh, outspoken and poetic song-maker Billy Bragg, Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello and indie-rock raconteur Ike Reilly.  Having internationally well-known rockers sing background vocals and add lead guitar solos on her songs was quite a treat!

A pending first album has already proven to create a buzz around town, and Jennifer's band is scheduled to be back in the studio in February 2010 for her sophomore effort.